Monday, 8 September 2014

Top Ten Ways To Relax

This weekend I forced myself to spend a whole day at home, not working. It was harder than you'd think!

I find it ridiculously difficult to de-stress and relax - I think it's a hazard of doing a job you love and being able to run a business from home. There is always that temptation to 'just do one more thing...' and to get caught up in a cycle of always being in work mode.

My day of rest was definitely needed though (and I know lots of you are workaholics too) so thought I'd share my top ten relaxation tips:

Take a nap
This is actually my mum's answer to all of life's problems. But she is right. A quick snooze can be all that's needed to take the weight of the world from my shoulders. Plus a tired mind is much more inclined to get exasperated and stressed.

Get cooking
I love cooking and find it really therapeutic to bake a cake or find something new to try for dinner. It also means that I am out of the studio and away from my laptop and phone for a bit - an iPhone covered in icing is not a good look and a break from emails and Facebook is sometimes very much needed.

Read a book
Escaping into a good book is a foolproof way of taking my mind off of other things. I have started downloading them on to my iPad so I always have something to hand to distract me when needed.

Have a good chat

Making time to go for a coffee, have a good moan and a laugh can turn a crappy, stressful day into a much happier, chilled out one.

Watch some rubbish TV
Geordie Shore. America's Next Top Model. House of Food. Need I elaborate any more on this one?!

Stick on some Classical music
I've recently started switching over to Classic FM when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed - or I find some meditation music on YouTube. It might sound a bit old ladyish but I've found it's brilliant for refocusing my brain and calming me down!

Go to the gym
I won't lie, this is not one I am very good at sticking to, but a good sweaty gym session is a very good way to unwind. Even if I don't like to admit it.

Tidy up
A messy house or workspace doesn't lend itself to a calm state of mind. Doing the hoovering or putting some washing on might seem like work but I always feel more relaxed in the long run when things are ship shape and mess free.

Get in some water!
A long bath, a hot shower or a trip to the sea are guaranteed to wash away my daily stresses. Obviously the first two are a lot more practical but the sound of the beach is a winner every time.

Cuddle a cat
This one does rely on you having access to a cat. Luckily my house resembles a cattery so I'm always good to go - it is impossible to feel uptight when you have a small purring furrball giving you cuddles. Fact.

What are your favourite ways to relax?


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  1. Cooking is definitely something I do to unwind too! If nothing else stopping to make a new dish or create an old one definitely helps recharge! Thanks for sharing your tips xx