Wednesday, 24 September 2014

ABC Of Great Business Emails

When you run your own business sending efficient emails is a must. In particular, if you are getting in touch with potential stockists and clients it really helps to be able to write emails that people want to read and reply to.

My previous life as a PA and my experience as a creative has helped me to compile these handy tips:

Write a snappy subject line

Make sure your subject line tells exactly what your email is about. You want to make your email stand out in a cluttered inbox and give a clear idea of the content - have a look in your inbox for inspiration, note the ones that you opened straight away and take inspiration from them.

Use a short, direct greeting
Don't be tempted to waffle on at the start of your email. And wherever possible make sure it is directed to an individual by name, a little bit of googling to find the correct contact details can go a long way!

The rest is as easy as A B C!
The body of your email can be separated into three sections to make sure it's to the point and encourages a response (unread or ignored emails won't increase your sales figures!).

A - Action State your purpose, explain why you are emailing and the reason you are getting in touch. Who are you? What do you want as a result of the email?

B - Background
Write out your key points, here is where you can sell yourself and your products! What can you offer? Why are your products special? Is there a catalogue or website that will give them more details?

C - Close
Put your call to action in here, clarify any further steps to placing an order or getting more info. How can potential stockists send you an order? What would you like them to do in response to your message?

Done! Remember before you press send to proof read and run your email through spell check, you want to make sure you are giving a good all-round impression.

Here's another post on email tips if you fancy giving your inbox a spruce up too! Animal alphabet prints are also for sale in my Etsy shop too :)


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