Tuesday, 10 March 2015

28 Weeks / Six More Things + A Big Bump!

It doesn't seem that long ago that I was writing about being 21 weeks pregnant - where has the time gone?!

Baby Cherry has been growing and kicking a lot in the last seven weeks (and making sure I've had plenty of backache and trips to the loo!). My body is now at least 70% bump and a good 20% boob ;)

Months six and seven have been a lot more relaxed than the ones before, here are six more things Baby has taught me lately...

1. There are a lot of important decisions to make - vaccination options, parenting style, where to have the baby, what pain relief to choose... Luckily Jon and I agree on most things but it's a bit crazy that we are at the point where we really have to start making these choices.

2. After the big gap between scans there are loads of midwife appointments to look forward to all of a sudden. Every few weeks it's nice to go back to hear baby's heartbeat and know that she is growing ok. These appointments are a big relief when you're a bit of a nervous wreck like I am!

3. I believed I would spend at least a few months eating cake and stuffing my face every five minutes. Turns out it's not actually possible to fit that much food in when your insides are already full of baby. This could be a blessing in disguise though...

4. Leaky boobs, sore ribs, lots of backache and super tight stomach are all part of the fun of these few weeks. But feeling lots of kicks and wiggles definitely makes up for all of those things!! It's great now Jon has been able to feel - and see! - some of her somersaults too.

5. Turns out it is just not possible to work all the hours I used to! I'm learning the hard way that growing a human is a job in itself and is a teeny bit exhausting... I'm considering scheduling a few naps into my working days ;)

6. As she gets bigger and closer to being born it just gets more and more exciting. I overheard someone the other day saying how they didn't feel a proper bond with their baby until the birth but I think I've felt that attachment from day one - and even more so when we found out the sex of our baby and we could name her. I already feel like she's the most amazing little mini person in the world.



  1. So nice to read your progress! I'm at 21 weeks now but no idea about boy/girl as he/she didn't co operate at the scan! boo! xx

  2. @Rebekah Leigh - thank you! Oh how frustrating!! Will you book another scan? I think I'm too impatient to have waited a full 9 months to know what we are having xx