Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New: STACIE SWIFT Cushions + Lampshades

...I must admit, that's a little bit of a lie! These homewares have actually been made up for a while, handmade by me using my original STACIE SWIFT fabric designs.

I've just been so out of the loop that I've not had a chance to get them listed in my shops yet. But finally, they're available for sending off to new homes :)

The pom pom cushions measure approximately 26cm square and the little lampshade measures 20cm. I'm really pleased with these STACIE SWIFT homewares and have some new ideas for fabric designs and more products in the pipeline. I think they'd look pretty snazzy in a nursery - but that might just be my obsession with buying baby things talking!

If you'd like to re-home a fancy fox or a bouncing bunny, these items are now available in my Etsy shop.

What animals or colours would fit in with your home?