Wednesday, 21 January 2015

21 Weeks / Ten Things I've Learnt About Being Pregnant


Time is flying by, I can't quite believe I'm 21weeks pregnant already, over half way through! The horrendous sickness has finally waned and I am feeling so much more human and motivated again. Am now just awaiting the mysterious 'pregnancy glow' that I don't quite seem to have gained yet ;)

There have been so many things I never thought about or realised about being pregnant so I thought I'd write this (slightly personal!) post to mark the halfway point in this exciting new stage of life!

Here are ten things I've learnt in the last few months:

  1. It's hard to actually believe you are pregnant even when the test reads positive. Three Five tests later it all seems a little bit more real but ClearBlue must be making a fortune from people like me who aren't convinced the good news is real first time round!
  2. The first 12 weeks are super worrying. And while it sometimes is the sign of bad news, bleeding and spotting can be completely harmless and both are actually quite common in the first stages of growing a baby (always get checked out by a doctor or midwife of course, better to be safe than sorry).
  3. Morning sickness - especially when you get a severe case like I have had - is truly, ridiculously, horrible. It should be renamed Feels-Like-You're-Dying-Sickness.
    The shame of vomiting in public soon fades though, I think I've christened every Tesco carpark within a 10 mile radius!
  4. I felt like a zombie for weeks, it's so tiring growing a human!! Who knew?!
  5. The weeks between the 12 week and 20 week scans feels like a lifetime. I convinced myself that the baby could just evaporate in that time frame - if nobody was checking, how did they know it was still in there!? Irrational worrying seems to be a theme for me!
  6. Scans are the most amazing thing in the whole wide world. Seeing a little peanut grow into a miniature human, and then a proper little baby is magical. I knew I'd love that part but I can't put into words how overwhelmed I've been every time we've seen our baby on the screen. And don't get me started on the time we heard her heart beat... Makes all the sickness worth it.
  7. Feeling the baby start fluttering and jumping is much more exciting than I thought it might be (and I had pretty high expectations!). Only I can feel her moving at the moment, it's going to be great when Jon can feel her jumping around too.
  8. Maternity clothes were needed sooner than I expected. By 16 weeks things were getting a bit tight. Now at halfway through, comfy, stretchy, elasticated clothes that fit over bump and boobs are a godsend. ASOS seem to have a good selection if you're looking!
  9. You realise how many names (and people!) you dislike when you start to choose a baby name. It's so hard picking the perfect one - and even harder agreeing on a decision. So far it seems highly likely our daughter will just be called Baby Cherry forever more!
  10. Buying baby clothes is the most fun ever. Dinky dresses? Tiny tights? Cute cardigans? LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Are you expecting? Point me to your blog posts if you're sharing your pregnancy journey!


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  1. Great blog post Sracie, I'm at 15 weeks and you have hit the nail on the head with your post.Exhausted.Still Sick (12 weeks my ass, it's still here!) Also I still can't believe its happening and am desperate for 20 weeks to arrive for the next scan.