Monday, 15 September 2014

Top 5 Tips: Wholesale Orders

I've been packing up lots of wholesale orders recently so thought I would share with you some top wholesale related tips.

Find a delivery service that is both reliable and affordable

Getting orders to your stockists on time, in one piece and at a good price can be a challenge. Do your research before you send out your orders - I've had terrible experiences with some of the better known couriers and now use a smaller company that has allowed me to cut courier costs by around 50%.

Consider offering no minimum order or carriage paid 
I've found having no minimum order requirements is a great alternative to working on a sale or return basis and also encourages new (and smaller, independent) stockists to place initial orders.
Likewise, offering carriage paid works well for the bigger or more seasoned stockists; free delivery is a good incentive to order larger quantities per invoice.

Count. Count again. And then once more for luck
When you are packing hundreds or thousands of cards (or other lovely items) it can be easy to get in a bit of a fuzz and miscount or make a silly mistake. Double or triple check your numbers, refer back to the order and make sure you pile things in sensible quantities so you can recount quickly.

Get your paperwork in order
Make sure you have invoices, delivery notes and labels that are clear and accurate. You need to make sure your stockists have all the info they need to process your delivery - and most importantly, pay you how and when they are supposed to.

Create lasting relationships
While it's nice to work with new stockists don't forget how important it is to maintain relationships with the ones you're already working with. Reorders are what will keep your wholesale business thriving, make sure you're the kind of person people want to keep working with!


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  1. Great tips! I agree that creating lasting relationships with the people you'll be sending your wholesale products with is important. Keeping an image that will tell them just how reliable you are as a provider is totally worth it. Plus, having a reliable and affordable courier is good too. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Stacie! All the best to you! :)

    Brandon Bowman@ State Transport Logistics