Monday, 1 September 2014

Take Me To The Sea

We combined our summer holiday with our first wedding anniversary this year and booked a week by the sea in the South of France. It was my first time to the Cote d'Azur and I can't begin to describe how beautiful it is.

Rather than stay in the more touristy St Tropez we opted to stay in Sainte Maxime, a short car ride away. This view was from the beach, 2 minutes from our hotel, looking over to the livelier part of the town.

Our hotel was away from the hustle and bustle, backing on to a stunning botanic garden - you can walk through the gardens to reach the beach. Trop jolie.

Every evening there is a tourist market in the old quarter of the town as well as various fresh produce markets throughout the week. No wonder the French have such a good culinary reputation, look how amazing their market stalls are!

One evening we drove along to St Tropez (take or hire a car if you visit the South of France, it's so handy being able to hop from one town to another). The yachts here are ridiculous, bigger than houses; people crowd round as they dock to see who disembarks.

The whole town is much busier than Ste Maxime but is absolutely beautiful. I managed to lower the tone as always by falling flat on my bum just before this photo was taken. Despite my clumsiness we enjoyed a great meal by the sea and a Malibu or two in the local Irish bar!

The architecture and surroundings are stunning, I love the sun bleached pastel buildings. And who can resist a carousel that pretty?!

As we took our own car to France, Jon decided to make the most of it and found a nearby driving route to visit. The Col de Turini is a mountain pass in the Alps - lots of windy, twisty roads to zoom up (and down). Whilst the hair-raising journey was more Jon's cup of tea than mine, the views were well worth it.

I'm convinced we should move to France and spend our lives with our petit chats eating cheese!

What are your travel recommendations? Any other French towns you love to visit?


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