Thursday, 25 September 2014

STACIE SWIFT Christmas Cards 2014

It might still seem like a million miles away but Christmas is definitely creeping in... in just 90 little days it will be the best day of the whole year! HURRAH!

I've been ridiculously organised this year and have got my 2014 card designs done and dusted well in advance, the new lines are now ready and live in the STACIE SWIFT Etsy shop too.

Four new designs are available, there's a mix of hand lettering and signature animals for this year :)
Love Yule

Happy Holly Days

Merry Christmouse

Hoppy Christmas

So if you're super organised you can snap these up individually or in packs of four over in the shop! I will also be adding some of the previous Christmas designs to the store shortly too.

As always, these can be purchased for wholesale, if you want more info please send enquiries to

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