Monday, 18 August 2014

Paper Love | First Wedding Anniversary

This coming Saturday is mine and Jon's first wedding anniversary - I can't believe we've been married a year already!

We are celebrating with the traditional gifts and so will be giving each other presents made of paper this year. You'd think this would be easy for someone who sells paper products for a living but I've taken ages deliberating over the perfect gifts - in case you're struggling too I've rounded up some of my favourite ideas.

Personalised Date Print  by Geri Loves Emi

Map Cufflinks by Ellie Ellie    

Mr + Mrs Prints by More Than Words      

And some more ideas if these don't tickle your you have any other ideas?

Write a love letter | Frame your favourite wedding photo | 
Commission or create a print of your favourite hymn or wedding reading|
Buy tickets to a destination or event | Create a memory scrapbook |
A map pinned with the destinations you've travelled together


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  2. Pick your any wedding photo as you like most and frame it. I think this is the perfect wedding anniversary gift. but if you want to present other then you can gift them personalised gift like personalised photo album, printed coffee mug and bespoke gift

  3. Great suggestions! One gift that's absolutely perfect for a first anniversary is ;) It's truly one of a kind and is especially perfect because it blends the traditional and modern together into one amazing gift!

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