Wednesday, 2 July 2014

DIY: Upcycled Office Chair

The STACIE SWIFT studio is still very much a work in progress, we're moving to a bigger space later this year so in the meantime I have been trying to find ways to make the best of what I've got!

...Cue this super gross, old and very dirty, orange chair... Jon spotted it being thrown out by one of the neighbours so I hot footed it to their house in my pyjamas and rescued it from being thrown away.
 At the time I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to salvage it, but this gorgeous Cath Kidston Royal Rose fabric was the inspiration I needed:  Big Rose Pattern. Clashing Brights. Bargain Price. PERFECT.

Armed with a staple gun, a screwdriver and some scissors I dismantled (and then cleaned!!) the grotty chair and spent a pleasant afternoon in the sunshine recovering it in this gorgeous print. It took a bit of brute force and some patience but it was definitely worth it. Even baby Beans is impressed!

My next project is going to be either a blind or a curtain I think. Any tips?



  1. What an amazing transformation! You really made that office chair your own, with the fabulous floral print. I'm sure your office will look even more spectacular with that addition. Thank you for sharing. All the best to you! :)

    Hubert Cole @ PearCom

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  5. Very thoughtful.Through smart working you have converted an old chair into a new look.It is a very good transformation and i will definitely use this idea at my home for old chairs.

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