Saturday, 21 June 2014

Road Trip!

If you follow me over on Instagram you will have no doubt seen some photos from my recent European Road Trip. I thought I would share some more of the photos  I took on my camera too in case you fancied a nose at what I get up to when I am not drawing or - quite literally - herding cats (This is a very image heavy post)!

Now, my husband loves cars, in particular his Renault Clio V6. It's a small car with two front seats and the engine in the back where you'd usually find useful things like rear passenger seats and a boot. Not the first car you'd think of taking a tour of Europe in...

But then Jon is a bit special and that's why I love him ;)

Our first stop was in Belgium, visiting the Circuit de Spa Francorchamps  for a Renault car show (there's a theme here). I am not the world's biggest car fanatic but show me a duck-egg coloured vintage classic, or a jolly line of primary colours and I will make my own entertainment!

Our hotel in Belgium was based in this complex, there were a series of larger chalets and hotel rooms overlooking the pool. So beautiful - and with a really nice restaurant on site too.

From Belgium we went on to Germany and did lots more car stuff! Nurburgring, Porsche Museum and Mercedes Museum were all ticked off the list.

I sat in a Porsche for a bit... and then realised I could download books to my iPad (there's only so many cars a girl can look at!).

From Stuttgart we headed to the best bit of the holiday, Paxmontana in Switzerland. A two minute walk from our chalet gave us views like this.

Driving along the mountain passes was amazing. Breathtakingly beautiful - and completely crazy that a ten minute drive can take you from snowy mountain top to sunny green fields!

 You have to be careful of the cows though, they like a little roam around the mountain roads too!

And then there's the bike riding bears to look out for ;) This guy lived in a ski town with lots of restaurants selling fondue and rostis - I'd love to go back in winter to see it all covered in snow.

The final stop of our trip was France. We stayed in a wonderful apartment in Paris on Rue de Clignancourt, our top floor room gave us this amazing view of the Sacre Coeur. I've never stayed in this part of Paris before - in the day the area seemed a bit rundown but by night when the bars and restaurants opened it was brilliant, the area came into it's own and we spent a happy evening watching the world go by from our balcony.

It was lovely to have a break from driving and cars so I decided to go somewhere new and so took myself off to the zoo. This Red Panda had the right idea, it was so hot and muggy that day in Paris - he was having a lovely nap in the shade.


As always I was sad to say goodbye to Paris, and our trip ended as it had begun, with a trip to a race circuit! We spent the day at Montlhery Circuit where I fell in love with another duck egg coloured car (anyone want to buy me a Cadillac?) and Jon met up with other V6 owners for the day.

Although it was a bit of a boys holiday I loved it! It was so much fun crossing borders and visiting two or three countries in a day, plus driving meant we could fit so much more into the week long break.
We arrived back in the UK just in time to see this blazing orange sunset, a pretty good end to the trip.

Have you been on a long distance road trip before? Where did you go?


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