Saturday, 24 May 2014

Springtime in Paris

Last week I spent a few days in Paris, staying north of the Seine by the Madeleine metro. It was my third trip to the city, I love it there.

Having been to see a lot of the touristy things in my last visits I decided this time I would chill out, enjoy the sunshine and relax (I find it very hard to chill out in day to day life!).

My favourite thing to do in Paris is to walk around and explore. This time I went to the Musee quai Branly, a new museum by the Eiffel Tower with a gorgeous plant filled exterior wall (recommended to me by lovely Parisian illustrator Emma Farrarons).

For 9 euros I was able to visit the permanent collections plus see a great tattoo exhibition giving an insight into the history and trends of tattooing across the globe - definitely my kind of show!

I also went further northeast to visit the Cimetiere des Chiens, a pet cemetery opened in 1899. A bit of a random trip but it was a lovely place with lots of beautiful dedications to much loved pets. There were also some very friendly - and very much alive! - kitties living there too. It was good to know I am not the only one who loves their pets a ridiculous amount! This blog post has some good photos and directions to the cemetery if you fancy a visit.

Sitting in the sunshine, in the blooming gardens of the Jardin des Tuileries was the perfect way to end my trip.

I'm heading back there for a day in a week or so, if you have any tips of what you like to do in Paris let me know!


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