Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wedding DIY: Invites & Wedding Stationery

Being an illustrator it was a given that I would design my own wedding stationery. I fell in love with willow pattern crockery -the blue and white colour was perfect for the wedding I had in mind, the love story behind the two birds is suitably romantic and the fact they look a little bit like swifts sealed the deal - and so I wanted to theme our invites around this traditional artwork.

Our Save the Dates were sent in blue envelopes lined with a willow-esque paper (the heart design was inspired by artwork I had seen on Pinterest).
The pink helped tie in the colours I knew I would be having for my shoes and flowers - and made sure things didn't get too blue! I wanted the handmade theme to be apparent from the start so made sure our Save the Date design featured lots of hand lettering and that the envelopes were all lettered by me too.

When it came to our invites I wanted to keep things simple - and make sure they carried on the theme set by the Save the Dates. I hand painted the two little birds using ink and and pen and then scanned them in alongside hours worth of hand drawn text! The small pink heart was taken from our Save the Date card and the colour was used as an accent throughout all of our stationery. The birds became the motif for our wedding, wherever I could pop them in, I did!

I loved creating my own wedding stationery (though highly stressful), it was great to know people were getting a taster for the day to come with the effort and attention put into the design.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much I am now offering a design service in my shop should you like me to create yours too!


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