Friday, 27 September 2013

A New Job!

I briefly mentioned on my facebook page that I had started doing a few hours of non-illustration based work recently.

As much as I love working for myself and chatting to the cats it can get a bit lonely being alone all day, every day.
Sandwiched between two fields, my studio isn't exactly in a hive of activity either and so I made the decision to apply to a local store and add a few part time retail hours, and real human beings, to my working week.

Of course, I couldn't just work in any old shop, and so I managed to nab myself a role at Cath Kidston. I'm literally in love with everything in the store and it is really nice to be chatting away and having to wear co-ordinating clothes again (even I got bored of my pyjamas and slipper socks outfits).

It's only been a week or so but so far, so good! It may mean some emails get answered after dinner and there will be fewer random tweets about what the chickens and cows are up to across the road but I'm enjoying being outside a bit more!

Another random plus side is I am working with a couple of Stacie Swift Illustration customers! In a strange coincidence a couple of the girls have been big supporters of my shop so it feels like I know them already. One of which is Lilly, maker of amazing children's clothes and furnishings - find her work on her facebook page, That's Sew Lilly.

If you've written about going back to work in the real world after being self employed let me know! I'd love to read other people's posts on this.


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  1. Ah, it's so interesting to hear you've taken up some employed work alongside your self employment as I've just literally done the same! The very same reason, working at home on your own can be a bit isolating, especially living rurally. We've just moved from the sticks into a town for the first time in absolute years so it's a culture shock too, even though it's still a tiny market town. I do a few hours in Dorothy Perkins and I really look forward to going down there to use my brain in a different way and chat to the lovely girls. :-)

    Becky x