Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Pet Portrait: Nugget

When Hazel from Nugget Says got in touch to ask me to draw her little hamster (Nugget!) I was so excited.

My first hamster portrait, it was a pleasure to draw such a cute - and dinky - pet and I am pleased with how she turned out. As a little extra I made some stickers similar to these with Nugget's happy little illustrated face and popped them in with Hazel's parcel. Never too much cuteness!

If you would like a portrait of your pet find out more about how to commission me here. These make great gifts - and as you can see, any animal (big or small!) can be illustrated.



  1. aw. Nugget is cuuuuuuuute!

    1. :) Seriously cute hamster, this was definitely one of the more fun commissions I have done! x

  2. and its PERFECT!!
    thanks so much Stacie, you are such a clever lady :)