Saturday, 11 May 2013

Review: Mobile Card Payments - Intuit Pay

I realised I hadn't told you about Intuit Pay, the card reader I snaffled thanks to a great offer in collaboration with the Crafty Fox Market earlier this year, so thought I would give you a bit of a review...

I've found when selling at markets that no matter how much someone likes an item if they don't have the cash on them they are much more likely to walk away empty handed. I am the same, I always pay for things by card  - the time it takes to find a cash machine will often find me sidetracked or changing my mind. While this is good for my bank balance it is less appealing when I am the one trying to sell sell sell!

Not being overly techincally-minded I hadn't found a card reader product I really liked - or understood. When I saw that Crafty Fox Market had collaborated with Intuit (and card readers were free to Crafty Fox sellers) I decided I had nothing to lose and ordered one straight away.
As a small business I try to embrace as many ways as I can to make things easier for my customers - and to ensure I can process as many sales as possible.

The little package arrived really quickly, containing one card reader and USB lead it was super simple to set up. Install the app on my iphone, sync with the little machine, run a test payment - and voila! Good to go!

It really is that easy, and there is the option to send an e-receipt to anyone who purchases using the machine which I found great on both the professionalism front but also to remind people of my business once they'd walked away with their print or cards.

Putting it into practise at the Crafty Fox Market was also very straightforward. Open the app, enter the pricing details and the customer is able to insert their card into the machine and use chip and pin to complete the sale.
Customers were confident in the security of the card reader - I think the combination of chip and pin and the fact they are in control of the hand held device (it's all bluetooth witchcraftness so you don't need to touch the machine once the sale is processing) puts people at ease - it's a very 'familiar' process.

Intuit charge a fee of 2.75% and funds are transferred directly to your bank account - mine took about a week to clear. While paying any fee is a bit of a pain, the gain in impulse buys and sales at higher price points more than makes up for it in my opinion.

It's nice being able to offer that something extra when Stacie Swift Illustration goes out and meets customers! I would definitely recommend looking into card payments if you do fairs and markets. I was so pleased with the product I agreed to give them a little interview for their press release - you can read a feature here if you want to find out more :)


 Just to note, this review  has not been paid nor have I had any contact with Intuit regarding this post - I just like the product!

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