Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday Favourite (and New Stockist!): Lapin Rouge

As great as it is to work with large stockists, there is nothing quite like working with other small businesses. The little boutique stores that are run by others with a similar passion, enthusiasm and dedication to handmade and unique products are what make wholesale orders enjoyable.

Recently I was contacted by Lynsey Wilkins about stocking my work in her new venture; Lapin Rouge.
An online paperware store, Lynsey has curated a selection of stationery that offers treats from well known names as well as smaller, handmade brands.

Launching THIS WEEKEND here is a little bit more info on what to expect from Lapin Rouge...

What made you decide to start your own small business?

 I already run Purple Shmurple in my spare time where I sell my own handmade jewellery and accessories, but I have always had a special place in my heart for stationery since I was very young. When I was at school I had two pencil cases - 1 for my school equipment and 1 for my rubber eraser collection! Even now, I still have a huge collection of storage boxes, notepads and pens (I can't go anywhere without buying a souvenir pen!) that I can't bring myself to use. I'm a big supporter of handmade and am always admiring the wonderful talents of some designers, so thought I'd try my hand at giving them another platform to share their work. I've only started on a small scale at the moment with a couple of great UK designers but hope it will expand in the future to include more.

Where did the name Lapin Rouge originate?
 I've been writing letters back and forth to my Grandma since I was little, and as I've got older I've discovered some lovely letter-writing sets both by big companies and small designers. I have always been an admirer of the depiction of international mail - the red/white/blue stripes on envelopes and 'par avion' stickers - it feels very continental, almost Parisian, and I thought of this influence straight away when I was deciding on a name. I'm not sure exactly where I got the a rabbit and the colour red from, I just like the way it sounds in French!

What kind of products will you be selling?
Lapin Rouge will be selling a mix of items by fab international suppliers, and independent handmade designers. Everything from letter-writing sets to birthday cards to pens. There are millions of things I want to get in the shop like personalised items, but for now I will just have to be patient and take it slowly with some key products haha!

If you had to name a favourite item, what would it be and why?
I can't pick one favourite item in the whole shop, that is too hard! To pick a 'mass-produced' item it would have to be the 'Culture Vulture' Help Pad from Knock Knock. It is such a good idea because I am always making lists of music to listen to/books to read etc and its great to be able to put it all in one place! They make all these things that make you go 'oh my god, what a great idea!'. As far as handmade goes, I am completely in love with Stacie Swift's Cat Birthday Card! It is a fabulous illustration and makes me laugh every time I see it. I'm sure I can get my cat to wear a hat like that now too....

What are your favourite independent shops?

My favourite independent shops, hmmmm. Bricks & mortar-wise there aren't a great deal near me to choose from, but luckily I live a short train-ride from Manchester so have easy access to Afflecks Palace and the Manchester Craft & Design Centre! Online I love a plethora of shops on Etsy (thelittlereddoor, boygirlparty, Heather Kent) and I tend not to look elsewhere! There are so many designers and artists on there just waiting to be found, and I love a good browse.

Like the Lapin Rouge facebook page for updates and keep an eye out for the launch of their website!


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