Monday, 4 March 2013

Product Photography DIY

I could happily draw you an endless supply of animals in jaunty hats - but ask me to take a photo of them and things begin to unravel slightly! I own a snazzy Nikon D200 though I have yet to get to grips with all the functions and buttons (it was a huge bargain being sold by a photography department). 
As you can see from the photo above, my product shots are ok - but they aren't going to win any prizes.

I am always looking for ways to improve my photos and so continuing with my Small Business Spring clear up I decided to work on a better set up for taking shots of my new cards in order to add them to the shop...

My main hurdle so far has been lighting. I don't have any fancy lamps or lightboxes - and a lot of online DIY tutorials require at least one bulb to get the photos looking good. What I do have however is a garden and plenty of natural light!

Braving the cold, I took my work outside and created this improvised photo set up using a cardboard box, an Ikea stool, tape and a large curved piece of white paper.

It isn't fancy, it isn't going to be practical when it's raining but the good news is it DID work! And in my books that's all that matters.

Here's how the finished shots turned out:

Much better don't you think? Have you got any photography tips to share??



  1. Natural light is a great thing and can really help! I use two standard desk lamps with the bendy neck and two 100W day light bulbs which are actually energy saving ones which I think are only 20W, they work a treat! I dont need to edit my photos too much beyond a bit of levels and cropping.

  2. Fab, thanks! I definitely need to invest in some lamps - my studio space is still a work in progress!! :)

  3. they look great! ... i've had many photography sessions on my parent's driveway, which would usually end in my work being blown down the street in the wind or with one of our cats coming to investigate the clean white paper i'd laid on the floor for my backgrounds :)

  4. i am working on my Website and really need a DIY method for product photography for leather goods...Few words of advice would be great...i have subscribed to your comments..please guide me..


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