Thursday, 14 March 2013

New Cards - Hand Drawn Type

After lots of long, crazy, work filled days last week, this week has been slightly less productive.
I've been chasing our newest furry friend around the house and making sure he isn't chasing the cats, weeing on the floor or eating any more of my shoes - not entirely conducive for doing lots of illustrating!

I did manage to pack up a good few hundred cards for stockists (a couple more lovely new shops to tell you about soon) plus plenty of Etsy orders thanks to my flash sale but that's been pretty much all I could fit in around being a new puppy mum!

Scared of losing the momentum of last week, today I forced Jon to take a day off work and be on dog duty (reminder to all, getting Bear was his idea) so I have managed to get some more work done... and finally gotten around to adding these new hand drawn type cards to my shop. There are a couple of brand spanking new designs plus some favourites from the print ranges, hope you like them!

Fingers crossed I can get some more work done tomorrow, there is a fab artist lined up for the Friday Favourites interview plus I will definitely post about my time at the #CamBlogMeet over the weekend - better late than never!!


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