Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday Favourite: Juan Is Dead

Not just a great day out and fab event for selling work, Crafty Fox Market creates lots of great opportunities for meeting creatives and finding out about great new work.

After find her shop through the Crafty Fox Etsy Team I fell in love with Leah's unique mosaic art and have been really excited about sharing it with you.

Here's a bit more about her business, Juan is Dead...

Describe your creative process… do you keep sketchbooks or mood boards?
I get a lot of my ideas from real life.  I take personality traits from myself, friends and family.  But my favourite characters tend to be the musicians. I love seeing live music, I think it’s a magical thing and I’m in awe of people’s talent. I’ll usually do a couple of rough sketches and then go straight to making on a wood board. 
I prefer to work a bit like a painter and choose colours and decide on details as I go long. Commissions work slightly differently, I’ll work with the client through the design stages and share mood boards and colour suggestions before starting the piece.   It’s a bit of a safety net for both parties to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.


What is your desk or work space like?
I confess I’m not the most naturally organised person. I’m lucky enough to have a studio in my house, but my boyfriend still complains about shards of glass that have escaped the room and into his foot! I tend to to get caught up in my own whirlwind and then a week later look up and think, hmmm maybe I’d work better if I tidied up a bit.  But it’s a great room with everything I need, my computer- with the radio constantly playing, desk, shelves, a collection of glass tiles, lots of lovely art books and inspirational bits and pieces stuck to the walls.

What are your must-read blogs?
I use blogs sporadically, often when I’m looking for some advice.  Anything from crafty ideas or how to add more RAM to my desktop. My favourites are always those with an honest voice as though you are chatting to someone in your kitchen. I’m a sucker for travel writers and before I go away somewhere I like to gather lots of tips from real people.  It was through one such random post where I discovered Alebrijes and added them to the itinerary of my recent trip to Mexico....and brought this gorgeous long-eared chihuahua home.

Which piece of work or item in your shop are you most pleased with?
My favourite item has to be this Albert  tile. Alberto has a special place in my heart as he was the first original mosaic I sold on Culture Label.  It was a great feeling to think a stranger was actually willing to part with their money for something I’d made!
He is such a cheerful fella I think very few people can resist his charm.

What are your favourite shops for handmade items?
You can get so many beautiful handmade items online, Etsy is packed full of amazing talent. In the real world my favourite shop for handmade goods has to be Brixi in Brixton village. It’s the kind of place you lose time in.  The owner, Emy, has a great eye for the quirky and wonderful and creates amazing displays that make you feel as if you’re on a voyage of discovery.

If you have a pet, please send a photo and name – Stacie Swift Illustration is a big fan of four legged (and other!) friends so would be great to feature them too!
How I wish I owned a doggie! I would love a whippet but it still seems a big responsibility.  This weekend I am dog-sitting for the first time so I’m a bit nervous but very excited.  Hopefully I’ll survive.  Here’s a lovely pic of the terrible twosome Sacha and Milly.

Pop over to the Juan is Dead shop here. You can also find more on facebook and twitter too :)


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