Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wedding Wednesday

Last week I found THE dress!
My first foray into a bridal shop, the second ever wedding dress I tried on .. and I just knew it was the right one (of course I tried on a few more just to make sure), it's perfect! 

I am so excited, it's possibly one of the best feelings in the world stepping into a gorgeous gown & knowing that when you get to wear it for real you'll be walking down the aisle and into life as a Mrs!

Above are a few of the dresses & details that I love if you need a bit of inspiration for your big day.
4. Beaded // 5. Short & Lacy // 6. Ruffles //
7. Embroidered Flowers // 8. Buttons & Bow // 9. Flowers



  1. How exciting, congrats :) Was it similar to what you thought you'd get? When I tried dresses on in a shop all my previous idea of what I thought I wanted went right out the window!

  2. eak! i want to see your dress!! x

  3. Ah Bryony I had a vague idea of what I thought I'd like but it's a bit of a different shape to what I thought I might like, some of the details are definitely what I went in there wanting though... Once they're on it's so different. I loved it though!

    Harriet I may let you have a sneak peek at the weekend! :D xx