Thursday, 21 February 2013

Spring Cleaning My Business

So, after declaring it Small Business Spring the other day I began thinking about the things I needed to do to give Stacie Swift Illustration a bit of a spring clean.

First up was changing my blog a little bit, I wanted Swift Somethings to be uncluttered but still quite bright and fun... I had a bit of a play around and finally settled on the current format. As with most of the things I do it is in no way technically advanced! But with a neater header, some new buttons on the side bar and a new colour palette I think it has scrubbed up quite well. Simple, but effective.

I also changed the header in my shop, nothing ground breaking, just swapping to a corresponding teal strip - but I think it works to keep things coherent and sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference.

With that in mind, here are a few small and simple changes I'd like to make in the next couple of weeks...

1. Update the product photography in my shop // 2. Update my website with new photos // 
3. Create a Spring Newsletter // 4. Create a new cover photo for my facebook page // 
5. Add new design services to my shop // 6. Find a fun way of promoting some new card products

Do you have any spring business goals?
Tweet yours to @stacie_swift using #smallbusinessspring or leave a link in the comments below - it would be great to share plans and goals to help all our businesses along!


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