Monday, 18 February 2013

Small Business Spring...

Spring is definitely springing, the last few days have been really bright and sunny and finally made me feel human again after so many long, grey days this winter!

Having cleaned and de-cluttered the house,  I began thinking about my business. There are a few bits and bobs that could do with a bit of a shake and a clean up, too...

...And I thought there may be some of you who feel the same!

So, I've decided the next few weeks will officially be Small Business Spring - alongside documenting some of the changes I will be making in the next few weeks I will also be offering a discount on commissioned designs for your blogs and businesses.

A new little section has been added to my shop - Custom Logos/Design where I will be adding new services in the next few days. Currently I have listings for a Custom Small Business Design Pack and also Logo Design - both of which have 25% discount already taken off of the listing price :)

If there is something in particular you would like to discuss or get a quote on my email address is - discount will also be applied to any unlisted small business commissions agreed before the end of February if you are looking to spruce up your blog header or get your logo looking snazzy for your packaging and business cards now is the time to get in touch!

And if you have any great Springtime plans please share, I am determined to include drinking as much diet coke as possible whilst sitting in the sunshine as part of mine ;)


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