Monday, 4 February 2013

Kickstarter Project - Stacie Swift Illustration, Trade Show Success

Getting a small business off the ground is hard work. There are many trials and tribulations along the way and lots of challenges - and costs - to overcome.

Stacie Swift Illustration has really taken shape over the last six months to become a solid and successful business. The next step is to make a grab for the big time. To increase wholesale stockists and to begin to take our cards to the high street and overseas. How to do this? By attending London's fabulous trade fair, Top Drawer!

Business is going well, but it is unrealistic to think I can do this without a bit of investment and a helping hand from those who support small business ventures.

I hate asking for anything unless I really have to so this is a bit of a foreign concept to me... I do however believe there are people out there that may just be able to help me make my dreams a reality and so pride swallowed the 'Stacie Swift Illustration: Trade Show Success 2013' Kickstarter project is live!

You an donated anything from £1 upwards. If the goal of £1,000 is not reached you won't be charged - Kickstarter only pass the money of if funding is reached in full - so if you can spare a little something to take Stacie Swift Illustration fulfil it's potential, and share with you friends too!, I will be eternally grateful and gifts will be sent out to those who pledge.

Link again is here:

                            Here's to big dreams and keeping my fingers firmly crossed!!


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