Monday, 25 February 2013

HELP!!! Support Stacie Swift Illustration

With eight days to go and £560 to raise I really need your help to make my Kickstarter target.

Here's a bit about the Stacie Swift Illustration project:

As a small business we are keen to grow and take on bigger and brighter challenges. To do this we have signed up to Top Drawer this Autumn - an excellent opportunity to show Stacie Swift Illustration cards to the biggest buyers and retailers, near and far.

Like most things, this comes with a price. A hefty fee of over £1000 is needed just to cover stall costs. This is without products, display, travel and everything else that is needed to get this show on the road!

Our Kickstarter project is a way to help Stacie Swift Illustration fulfil it's potential and make dreams come true. By pledging some money - all of which will be used toward stall fees - you will have a key role in helping this small business become bigger and better. There are a series of thank you messages and gifts for people who pledge - and you can give anything from £1 upwards.

The key thing is that if the £1000 target isn't reached then Stacie Swift Illustration will not receive a penny. It's all or nothing.

With that in mind, if you can spare a pound (or a couple!) it would be so hugely appreciated. If you can share this with your friends too we may still stand a chance of reaching the goal.

You can find the page and all of our details right HERE.

Thank you again to those who have helped this project along so far. WE CAN DO IT!!


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