Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday Favourite: Illustrator Fritha Strickland

Fritha Strickland is the illustrator behind Moonbeatle, an Etsy shop full of cute and colourful illustrated goodies.
Also a prolific blogger, Fritha runs the Tigerquilly Quinn blog - full of fashion, photography and plenty of lovely posts about her gorgeous son, Wilf.

Fritha, describe your creative process… do you keep sketchbooks or mood boards?

I used to be a massive fan of the old sketchbook, then I got kind of addicted to Pinterest.
Pinterest is great in that it’s a fantastic way to see what is inspiring other people but once I have pinned something I often forget about it. So my trusty sketchbook is now firmly back in use. I also have a pin board above my work space to keep me inspired as I work.

What is your desk or work space like?

Small, it’s a corner of the dining room table, I used to have a entire room, then I had a baby ;). Having a smaller space is hard, you need to be very organised and keep it super tidy which is hard for me but I’m getting better at it!

What are your must-read blogs?
Since having a baby my reading list has become more baby orientated than design orientated but I find blogs that are a mixture of the two really inspiring. I love Sarah Dyer’s blog ( and the way she works being a mum and freelance illustrator together.

Which piece of work or item in your shop are you most pleased with?
I’m pretty happy with these little foxy badges I’ve recently created. They are made out of shrink wrap plastic which was so fun to create!

What are your favourite shops for handmade items?
Online, Etsy of course. Local to me I love Iota and The Here Gallery in Bristol.

As always, Stacie Swift Illustration is a big fan of people's pets, who are your furry friends?
Rockie and Maddie the two laziest cats you ever did meet.

For more of Fritha's work follow her on twitter, read her blog and visit her shop!


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