Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Craft Fair Review: Wonder Hill @ Tooting Tram & Social

Sunday's Valentine's Craft Market was my third stall with Wonder Hill this time in their new South London location, Tooting Tram & Social.

My first two stalls had been in North London, in Highgate and Angel, though there were definitely lots of good things to say about these events I had been disappointed with low footfall on both occasions. However, with Wonder Hill's brand spanking new location and the addition of live acts and workshops I had seen some great photos of recent events and decided this would be third time lucky - it takes a lot to get me to venture South so I was hoping for great things!

Tooting Tram and Social is tucked away between McDonald's and Gala Bingo a stone's throw from Tooting Bec tube station, it's recessed entrance is quite easy to miss (in fact I couldn't find it at all when I attempted to visit at Christmas) but a sandwich board outside with the Wonder Hill details assured me I was at the right place.

Inside the venue is lovely. Full of character with tons of space for lots of stalls - tables are really generously sized and despite my slightly dingy photos it is relatively well lit and suited to a day spent shopping and eating cake in the upper gallery overlooking the bar.

Unlike my last Wonder Hill review, the products on sale this time were really good. A nice mix of work and some great displays.
Added to the great products, great venue and eager stallholders, were live bands playing throughout the day.

The one sticking point for me, again, was footfall. A trickle of people stopped by throughout the day (their figures suggest 276 people came by - below the average of 450). Some really did make a day of it enjoying the entertainment and making the most of the delicious cakes ... but sales were very, very slow. Every stall holder I spoke to was having a really bad day - not just those selling paper goods but jewellery makers, bookseller and craft items too - suggesting the lack of people, not variety of product was the problem.

I don't want to come across as overly critical - Kiki the organiser of these events is a genuinely lovely person and all the right ingredients are there ... apart from, in my experience, the customers!
In fairness, it seems other events have been more popular and so I would recommend, as with any market, going and visiting a few times before booking a stall if you can to gauge how busy it is and whether it is right for you. If nothing else you will get to enjoy some great live music and AMAZING cake from The Vintage Cake!


  1. your set up and the venue look awesome - sorry to hear about the low footfall. I'm also sorry I missed it, as a south londoner tooting isn't too much of a trek for me. Will have to try and make the next one!x

  2. Thanks Annie! Yes, it was a particularly slow day but always good to meet new people! Definitely recommend a visit if you are local :) xx

  3. Great review. Very honest ! I agree that the venue can be hard to find but its an awesome location and close to the refurbished and very delightful http://graveneyandmeadow.com/

    People should also know that the Mecca bingo might sound tacky but if you enter the building you will find all of this strange beauty


    Its a real shame the event isn't getting more help and visitors.

    1. Thank you! Yes, once I found it (being a non-local with terrible sense of direction!) it was a brilliant place to have a fair.
      With more visitors it would be a fab event - everything else was great. Hopefully the quality sellers won't be be put off of returning in the time it takes them to sort out footfall!