Saturday, 16 February 2013

Can YOU Help Stacie Swift Illustration?

"Helping people and putting smiles on their faces is a great, great thing"

I saw this quote today and it really couldn't be truer. As I continue to try and raise £1000 for my Kickstarter Project (aiming to grow Stacie Swift Illustration into a formidable force of stationery goodness by attending the Top Drawer trade show this Autumn) every penny donated has really meant the world to me. So thank you to the people who have pledged some cash already, your generosity has been amazing.

I am almost HALF of the way there! If I don't raise the target I don't get a penny so it is really important to make the full total of £1000.

I hate asking for help but this is literally a dream making opportunity! And as the saying goes, if you don't ask...

If you can pledge anything at all or share my Kickstarter page with others who may be able to spare a few pennies it would be hugely, massively, ginormously appreciated.
Pledges can be anything from £1 and every little bit really does make a difference to the chance of making the total.

You can read more and find out some info about Kickstarter here:


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