Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year, New Plans

Happy New Year!

This is my view for the first day of 2013...January always makes me want to get 'sorted'.
I like that it is a clean slate to start again with the little things that I've let slip - and to review the processes that I can improve on to make sure Stacie Swift Illustration is ready for the next 12 months! 
(I insist on pens and paper though, it's just not the same trying to organise my life on the laptop.)

One thing I really wanted to make sure I got better at this year is blogging, though I manage to post pretty regularly I think having a proper plan will really help me to get the most out of Swift Somethings and mean that I can share more interesting and creative posts with you in the weeks to come. I have some wedding themed posts in mind with the big day now only 8 months away (eeekkkk!)...

To get myself in gear I created a weekly task planner and a blog planner to make sure I am on track... simple but hopefully it'll do the job (I am happy to email you a copy if you want one! mail@stacieswift.com)

Hopefully changing some of these little things will mean I have more time to be productive and concentrating on the bigger goals for this year, too! Fingers crossed for a successful 2013 :)



  1. a girl after my own heart! felt a lovely warm glow knowing that I am starting the new year with my accounts up to date and design ideas whizzing round my head.
    love the planner!

  2. Thanks Rosie! Everything is better when plans are on paper!! x