Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Craft Fair Review: Crafty Fox Market

Last weekend was the ever fabulous Crafty Fox Market. Safe to say this is my favourite market I have taken part in and is definitely worth the journey from Bedfordshire to Brixton. Held across two days with a selection of different designers on each date this market is packed to the rafters with excellent handmade products. A really good selection of items and well presented stalls - you can tell there has been a thorough selection process and this really pays off.

Though not the biggest of tables, with a little bit of ingenuity, some blu-tack and a bit of string, I managed to get my stall looking presentable and was quite pleased with the way my work looked on the day. Bright and colourful as ever!

Footfall was amazing. Crafty Fox has really got a name for itself as an event to attend and there was a busy stream of people all day - I was situated upstairs and found this had no negative impact on people coming for a browse, there were plenty of visitors to our floor! Though a little bit dark toward the end of the day and particularly bustling downstairs this is all part and parcel of the Dog Star location, overall a fabulous venue.

There was definitely a foxy theme as the Dancing Foxes print was a brilliant seller (my discounted prices on prints are still available in the shop, too) as were the Fancy Fox Notebooks!

More markets are lined up for 2013 so do pop along if you get a chance next year, they are definitely worth a visit. I will be getting my application in first thing when the time comes around again! 

Check out this video by Brixton Life for a peek of what it was like on the day.... and spot my gurning face in there too!


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