Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Toy Run

On Saturday I took part in the Toy Run mentioned here a few weeks ago. Organised by the car forum Fueltopia it was a charity event that involved lots of snazzy cars (and some not so snazzy cars!) all driving across the country to two destinations; the John Radcliffe Hospital and CHASE Hospice giving gifts to the poorly and terminally ill children who will be spending Christmas away from home.

I can't begin to describe what a brilliant experience this was. Tons of people got involved with a big convoy of cars taking part. Each person had made a real effort to collect as many gifts as they could, with presents suitable for all ages, babies to young adults. This picture of Santa was taken at the John Radcliffe Hospital with just half of the presents brought along on the day. Amazing!

Gifts will be organised and given out to the patients by the staff at both places so the kids weren't subjected to lots of adults with armfuls of presents! A few children popped along to see the piles of gifts at both locations and it was amazing to see how excited they were. I am a crier at the best of times but to see an ill child made so happy by the donations people had given had me fighting the tears. Imagining how the children's parents must feel made it even worse, it really was one of those days that makes you count your blessings.

I was really keen to take along some handmade gifts as well as the presents donated by our friends and family and was thrilled at the generosity of some of the lovely artists and makers who sent such fabulous items to be shared.

This fabulous haul took over the best part of my dining table:

1. Lots of intricate and pretty jewellery sets from Anna of Annarack
2. Gorgeous necklace and brooches from the talented Elizabeth Pawle
3. Fun necklaces and bracelets from Sinead Koehler's jewellery brand Galavant (who found time to donate even with the Crafty Fox Market to organise!)
4. Tons of Cat Tattoos from illustrator Harriet Gray, so in love with these!
5. An amazing array of items from Helen of Jolly Good Studio
6. Beautiful illustrated stationery and stickers from Niki of The Vintage Artist
7. Fabulous baby toys and tee from Angela of This Is Wiss. I want a hobby horse for myself!!

Also, a quick pic of some of the toys we managed to buy with money donated to us and also some of the items kindly sent our way!

THANK YOU to everyone who helped in making this happen, I am sure there are going to be some very, very happy children on Christmas Day.



  1. What an amazing lot of toys! So glad to have been part of it. Thank you Niki x

  2. I am so proud to be of part this amazing donation and to make children really happy :)