Saturday, 24 November 2012

Listed: Gorgeous Gifts from SMUG

In the run up to Christmas I have decided to share some of the amazing products available by some of the fabulous Stacie Swift Illustration stockists.

First up is our first ever stockist, SMUG. Though I could quite happily buy everything in the shop here are a few of my favourite bits and bobs (please someone buy me that pinny!!):

  1. Illusion Grey Wool Blanket £47.00
  2. Au Printemps Squirrel Notebook £3.25
  3. Owl and Pussycat Cushion Navy £62.50
  4. Arrow Pom Hat in Inferno £55.00
  5. Double Dora Charcoal Road Collar Washbag £26.00
  6. Blue and White China Brooches £14.00
  7. Jeeves Sandwich Plate £27.50
  8. Pig Vintage Jumper Toy £35.00
  9. Pointers print £35.00
  10. Cabbage Tea Towel £13.75
  11. Stone Blue Hankie Flower Pinny £26.00
  12. Green Formica School Desk £175.00 // 13 Camden Passage, Islington, N1 8EA //

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