Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Donate Your Handmade Gifts!

This morning Jon called me to tell me he had signed us up to take part in a Christmas Toy Run organised by the Fueltopia website - a forum for car lovers for those not in the know ;) 

A fleet of cars will be driving from London to Guildford, stopping on the way at the John Radcliffe Hospital and the CHASE Hospice delivering goodies to the sick and terminally ill children who won't be home for Christmas. They also get the fun of seeing a load of snazzy cars turn up too!

Presents are needed for kids of all ages, from babies to young adults and can be as big or small as can be afforded - we want to collect as many as we can to really spread Christmas cheer and make the day as special as possible.

I set up a facebook page for friends and family to help us out but it also got me thinking that there are so many wonderful creative makers I know online who could maybe donate one of their handmade items too!

Clothing, jewellery, stationery, baby toys, make-up, toiletries or anything else you make that you think would be perfect for Christmas, all would be appreciated!!

Nothing needs to be wrapped as the staff at the hospital and hospice take care of this so that makes it even easier :)

If you think you'd like to donate something please let me know by emailing me at and I can send you my address.



  1. for a moment i thought you were doing a sponsored run dressed as toys or something!? haha! this is such a lovely idea, i'd like to send you some tattoos for it if that's ok X

  2. Haha,that really would be a spectacle. Running is not my forte ;)

    Thank you again for helping out! xx