Monday, 29 October 2012

Studio Update

I posted recently a quick shot of my studio, still in boxes and very much in need of some TLC. Here is a little update to show how things are going.... very slowly getting there.

Working in this white box is ok for the moment but I am looking forward to getting some proper lighting and some colour on the walls. Still undecided on what colour will be best - I want something bright and cheery?

Also, I have posted before about storage solutions. Up until now all my (thousands!) of cards were packed into boxes which was a complete pain in the neck to access and organise. Turns out the answer was right under my nose. A couple of Ikea drawer units that we used to keep clothes in have now been re-purposed as the home of my greeting cards. Still probably not ideal they are definitely doing the job. And my printer and packaging supplies can happily live on top which is a bonus.

Tons more to do still...hopefully next time I can post the finished article!

I took these photos to send on to Jen from Red Parka Diaries as she was kind enougha to post a little Artist Interview with me. She'll be featuring more designers and illustrators over the next few weeks on the blog - be sure to check out her posts for a nose into creative workspaces!


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