Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Tuesday has been one of those days, on the cusp of being truly horrendous at times but somehow it has stayed bearable. Just. 
On days like today, kitten pictures are well needed, and so I give you some photos of Bobcat. He is settling in really well. Every day he gets a little bit more confident in ruling the roost here, and he has more or less got to grips with sleeping all night. 4am playtime makes me a bit grumpy so this is a good thing.

It's hard to stay in a bad mood when my work pal is this four legged little munchkin and so I've just been getting on and working like a maniac with a few cuddles thrown in for good measure.

I've tons of stuff going on at the moment as I try and grow my business, some of these things include registering for barcodes (bye £268 fee), designing Christmas ranges and the ongoing task of contacting new stockists. I am really trying hard to extend my stockist base so if you can think of any stores or gift shops, museums, attractions or online retailers, who would suit my ranges please let me know! The rest I will update you on another time, for now I am off for more snuggles with Bob.


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  1. He is adorable, I hope the 2 of them get on soon, I don't have any tips as i only have 1 adult cat, but I ma sure if I ever brought home a kitten he won't like ti as he is the king. This things take time, there are a lot of forums out there about this issues, I hope you find great tips in them.