Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A list of things I learned this week...

1.   Lilies and  kittens do not mix. Luckily Bob is fine now, but it could have been much worse with poisoning and kidney failure :( The bandage is where his drip was attached as the vet had to flush his system in case he had eaten any lily pollen. I can't put into words how relieved I am he's ok.

2.   Sharing your bed with a kitten is a great for 3am snuggles, less great for actually sleeping. Though Bob seems to find snoozing on my head and eating my hair a great way to spend a night and never seems too tired for a 6am wake up.

3.   Renovating a house is hard work. Ripping things out, stripping walls and planning changes are all nightmare jobs and each one takes 10 times longer than you'd expect it to.

4.   There is no rest for the wicked. Trying to juggle illustrating, wedding planning and redoing a whole house is crazy but I'm just about keeping on top of things. Kind of.

5.   Jon is my absolute hero. From transforming our house to making sure Bobcat got the treatment he needed and dashing us up to the vets, I couldn't be marrying a better man.



  1. ooooh noooo! :( glad to hear he's ok! i saw this on etsy a while ago ...

  2. Ah bless little Bob cat's bandaged socks! Although it can get annoying, enjoy that time he sleeps on your head, the day will come where you're begging him onto the bed whilst he sits in some awkward position on some shelf trying to prove its much comfier than anything else you can offer. Ah lovely cat face.

  3. Thank you both! Harriet, that print is great! I just needed a massive one with 'what cats really shouldn't eat' ;)

    I am enjoying my Bob cuddles while they last, I imagine he'll be too cool to eat my hair soon! xx