Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wedding: 'Will You Be My'... invites

Wedding planning has begun, albeit slowly. There is so much to do - I bit the bullet and phoned the church today, another chat needs to be had tomorrow but I am really hoping we are allowed to marry in our ideal venue. Fingers crossed!

One thing I have managed to do is decide who I'd like to have accompanying me on the big day. My favourite little man, Ted, is going to be my page boy. I can't wait, the thought of him toddling down the aisle is almost as exciting as the wedding itself!

I decided to design invitation cards to give to the people I wanted to be involved and found it was a really nice way of asking them to take part - and also means they have a little token to keep. I couldn't see anything that really fit the bill on Etsy, I really wanted something simple and pretty and so thought I would add this design to my shop in case it was just the thing others were looking for to get their wedding plans started! You can find them here.

My next plan is to start looking at wedding blogs, what are your favourites?



  1. Those are so pretty! :) Congratulations! My favourite blogs were stylemepretty and rock 'n' roll bride

  2. Thanks Bryony! I love the stylemepretty site, will check out the rock n roll bride one too - so many pretty things out there I am not sure where to start :D x