Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Greeting Cards - Press Kit

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind, sorry to anyone who had been waiting for me to respond to emails or send them anything!
It was my fiance's 30th at the weekend which meant work got slightly sidelined. In fact it's been quite tough keeping my momentum and organisation on track with engagement/wedding planning, house buying (we should be homeowners by the weekend, yay!), birthday arranging and the like...And this is only the beginning!

I am trying to be strict with myself and keep my focus, sometimes easier said than done...

After a bit of a creative rut yesterday, I decided to get right back on track with my business plan and do something that was actually productive for my business.
I have been contacting potential stockists to introduce myself but realised I needed to send on some more professional images and info, something to stand out in a sea of emails and requests.

So, I decided to do something I had been meaning to for ages, and create a press kit. Sounds fancy but really ended up being quite straightforward. Mine is a virtual kit that I can email - pdf. documents that can be sent on to magazines and something that is equally as useful for anyone considering stocking my cards. The documents contain all the relevant information and product shots that show what Stacie Swift Illustration is about.

Before I began I found it really hard getting inspiration for how my kit should look and what content needed to be included. In the end I kept it simple with some bright but simple photos and a revamped wholesale catalogue. The picture above kind of sums up the feel of the whole thing :)

If you are thinking of creating your own kit, I highly recommend reading through these books for tips - I have reviewed them on this blog before and they continue to be an ongoing source of help!
I may do another post on this soon and share the finished articles with you!


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