Thursday, 12 July 2012

Custom CV/Resume Design

I was commissioned last week to redesign a CV with a slight 'magazine' feel and most importantly including illustrations of interests and hobbies in the banner at the top.

This took me back to my days as a recruitment consultant but was much more exciting than filling in a CV template!
I actually found it quite difficult to find a way to incorporate the illustrations at first. but eventually settled upon these line drawings to try and keep a simple and uncluttered design.
The client was very pleased with the final design and asked for multiple colourways so hopefully these bright and bold CVs will help find her a fab job in the future.

I thought this might be a good service to add to my shop as I know CVs can be a bit of a struggle. So, if you need to jazz up your resume, I now offer a custom CV design service - feel free to get in touch to find out more!


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