Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Craft Fairs: A list of good and bad things

  1. It's nice get real life reactions to products - It is always good to see what customers like and dislike - and great for polishing selling skills and talking about different products.
  2. Meeting other sellers - there are so many lovely people out there!
  3. Being inspired by others - I've developed many ideas from seeing how people package and display their work etc.
  4. Making money! A good day of sales is the aim of the game, after all.
  5. Exposure and contacts - I have gained new stockists and repeat custom from fairs in the past.
  6. Being part of something creative - this business can be a bit introverted, it's nice to get out there and be part of an event with likeminded people

  1. You never know what you're gonna get - this applies to stall size/location, quality of items being sold on the day and type of customers.
  2. Travel - as much as I love getting out there and meeting people it's not as much fun dragging a suitcase full of stock across the country to different locations
  3. People might not turn up - footfall isn't guaranteed - even the most popular markets have quiet days.
  4. If people do turn up they might not buy anything - sometimes people just aren't looking for what I am offering (no matter how good I am at selling!)
  5. Stalls cost money - prices are all different but the outlay + the travel costs are money that could be spent elsewhere in the business
  6. They take up time - I work in an office full time at the moment so illustration time is precious! A full day at a fair is also a full day I could be drawing, updating my website or promoting my online shop...

I've been thinking about fairs a lot lately after a few less than dazzling days out in the last couple of months and got some interesting comments on my review of Wonder Hill Market that made me realise other people feel the same way.

Writing a list of good and bad has helped me decide to take a bit of break from fairs for a short while to allow me to invest time and money elsewhere - I think I might make a Christmas comeback when footfall might be a bit higher!
How do you feel about craft fairs? Anything you'd add to these lists?


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  1. I did my first craft/art fair last weekend, it was at a school and the woman organising it (the art teacher) went through etsy asking local sellers to come, promising a good turn out based on the previous year. When I arrived nobody was there greeting people or telling them where to set up, so you just had to guess. In between 10am to 1pm around 12 people came and looked around. I left at this point as I found out that the art teacher hadn't actually done any advertising and we were waiting for buyers who probably weren't coming. I wish I had read this before, and might of thought to research the event more. I felt angry for the other stall holders, as for some of them this was there main source of income and they hadn't even made the money they had paid for their stalls! I think from this first experience I would be very weary to taking part in a craft fair again. x