Thursday, 14 June 2012

Food: Resourceful Risotto

As I continue to try and change my bad kitchen habits and stick to not throwing things away I have been trying to come up with ways of using leftovers that I would usually overlook.

I cooked a massive gammon roast earlier in the week which mean there was plenty of meat left over - even after sharing a few bits with a very happy Hippo cat.
I decided to alter one of our weeknight staples, risotto, to make the most of the bits I had in the fridge. I've decided risotto is probably one of the best ways to use up odds and ends, it lends itself very well to already cooked meat and stray veg - and it's delicious!

Here's what I used this time... but it is really adaptable to whatever you have lurking around. 

- Risotto rice
- Garlic - chopped
- Stock pot added to boiling water - as per packet instructions
- Leek - sliced
- Leftover Gammon cut into bitesize pieces
- Oil/Butter
- Parmesan cheese

Easy to make, in a few simple steps...

  •  Put a little bit of oil and butter into a pan and add in the leek and let it begin to soften
  • Add in the garlic and risotto rice, you need to coat the rice in the oil and butter and stir
    A top tip I learnt from a cooking programme on TV is to let the rice cook in the butter until it begins to turn translucent
  • Begin adding in a little of the stock, stirring constantly. Once the stock is absorbed top up and continue stirring - repeat this until all of the stock is absorbed
  • Keep stirring on the heat until the rice is cooked then add in the meat and ensure it is warmed through
  • Stir in some grated parmesan and plate up (add some extra cheese on top too!)

I sometimes make this with chicken and roasted tomatoes, or bacon and peas, or chicken and mushrooms... as you can tell it's a favourite in our house. Mostly because it is so simple to do! 

Do you have any resourceful recipes to recommend? I am still on the hunt for inspiration when it comes to making the most of what we eat!



  1. Hello! I've been meaning to comment on your earlier post about trying to not waste as much food, but I forgot. I think it's a great idea of yours and one I whole-heartedly recommend. Since getting a veg box delivered I made it my mission to try to use as much of whatever we get as possible. A meal-planner is really good for this (but slightly geeky!) and some cookbooks or google to get creative.

    My best recipe for using up the various greens we always get in the box is 'The Finest Green Pasta'. Basically steam or boil your spring greens/kale/spinach Then whizz up in the food processor with cream or creme fraiche, some parmesan and black pepper to make a sauce. Sometimes I fry up some bacon, garlic, onions, mushrooms...whatever is in the fridge. Cook some pasta then stir through your green sauce and whatever else you've cooked up. It tastes great, looks great (vivid green usually) and uses up lots of stuff too!

  2. Hiya, thanks so much for commenting! This is an ongoing quest! :)
    Veg boxes seem a great idea, when we move we will be living by a farm selling veg and eggs so I think this will be handy. I LOVE the sound of your green pasta, I will let you know when I get a chance to make it :) x