Thursday, 26 April 2012


If you follow my facebook or twitter accounts you might know that I have recently sent a catalogue off to a big potential stockist and am keeping my fingers firmly crossed for good news!

To make sure that I made the best impression when my samples and info landed on the Buyer's desk I thought it was time to redesign my card catalogue.... And VOILA! I reformatted and redesigned and this little book was formed.

I wanted to keep things clean and simple, and design something that would be easy to reproduce so decided to print a bookleted guide using Word - this meant it would also be double sided - (images pre-formatted in Photoshop) and then sewed it all together with a little card cover. You can see in the second photo the little flap for my business card to live in, probably my favourite part :)

Let's hope this does the trick. I will keep you updated!

Do you have a catalogue or promo pack to share? I love to see how people send their work out into the big wide world...



  1. that looks really impressive! it would certainly wow me if it landed on my desk :) good luck! x

  2. This looks amasing, well done. we need to do a similar thing for StuffedNonsense...i think you may have just provided the boot up our bum!

  3. Thank you both!

    I would love a StuffedNonsense catalogue, so much cute all in one place :)