Sunday, 25 March 2012

Craft Fair Checklist: A guide to Craft Fairs

Yesterday I had a fabulous day at the Crafty Fox Market, met lots of lovely people and had a great time selling my work. It got me thinking about Craft Fairs and how there are a lot of things it would be useful to know before you go ahead and set up your pitch to sell your crafty wares.

I am by no means an expert but I have sold at a few fairs now and have picked up some handy hints and tips that might be useful to you if you are thinking of taking the plunge. Some of these are more obvious than others, but hopefully all are useful!

Take enough fabric to cover your table. You can never quite be sure what kind of space you will be walking into, table shapes and sizes can be hit and miss. Be prepared to beautify an awkwardly shaped pub table into a stunning display. And work to a colour scheme, be cohesive and well branded.

Think about your display. Choose clever ways to present your work. Space is often limited so it helps to find ways of condensing or piling upwards. Card stands, suitcases, crates, tubs and boxes all work well. Be creative and use things you have already, you don't need to go and buy expensive equipment. It is useful to have a Plan B. As I mentioned tables can be a bit higgledy-piggledy, your well planned table display might not work in the space you end up with, be prepared to move things about a bit. And always make sure you get there in plenty of time to set up and faff about.

Once you have made your display make sure your items are priced.

The fair has begun, your work looks amazing - well packaged, easy to see what each item is and worthy of every ounce of love and care you have put in to making it. You should have a good selection of products of a consistent standard.

So, you're set up. Now, lots of people will just be looking, asking questions and picking things up and putting them down again. Others will be overcome with the lovely items and want to buy a thing or two. Either way it is important people know who you are. Branding is key. All of my prints and cards have my logo and website on the reverse, hopefully this will make it easier to buy something else in the future or recommend me to a friend...

Once money has exchanged hands and your customer is set to walk away with their fabulous new crafty purchase your attention to detail should continue and be taken along with them. Make sure you have the right packaging for your product. This can be as cheap and cheerful as you like. I also like to include a little gift or card with every sale. A postcard and a little thank you note with discount will hopefully encourage people to come back to me again.

You can even go one step further and have a newsletter sign up sheet. This is a great way to share information about your brand with everyone whether they buy something or not.

And finally, the essentials: a notebook for recording your sales, a money tin and lots of change (think about your prices and get change accordingly!), business cards, food (for you or to lure people to your stall) and handy stationery bits and bobs will never go amiss.

I hope this helps for those who are looking into participating in fairs coming up. I have also created this downloadable PDF, a Craft Fair Checklist, for you to use!



  1. Great post. I have always found it hard to display my corsages. I keep trying to think up new ways but it's difficult. I always forget something so your checklist will definitely come in handy. Thanks for posting.


  2. Thanks Abbey!

    Glad it helped - I find it impossible to do anything without a list!! :)
    Good luck with your displays. x

  3. Great post Stacie! I do think its great to have a checklist, I often get to fairs and realize I've forgotten something. I think another thing to remember is to get everything out and checked off the day before the fair. I had a nightmare situation recently where my table cloth wasn't where I thought it was, I only realised it was missing 5 mins before I was due to leave.. I had to dash off and buy a new one before the fair! It was pretty stressful and I arrived late and stressed. Lesson learnt though! x

  4. Thanks Rebekah! Yes, it's always the things that you think are straightforward that throw you off course. Nothing like a last minute panic to bring on the stress levels ;) x

  5. Hi Stacie! I just stumbled across this post via Crafty Fox Market, and as I'm about to sell at my first ever craft market on Saturday I found it really helpful! I've put a link to it on my blog too -

    Thanks! x