Friday, 27 January 2012

Brand Spanking New!

When I started out at the beginning of this year with my grand announcements of new work and growing my business I really meant it. And I have been working like a lunatic outside of my day job to make some headway in this first few weeks of 2012!

The culmination of this excessive drawing and abandoning my boyfriend to hours of solitary tv watching is lots and lots of new things for my shop...

So, without further ado:



You can find all these things, and more, HERE. I am also on the lookout for stockists, both UK and overseas, so if you are interested in selling my work please do get in touch, I have a product guide I can send to you!

See, I even have gone as far as making a product guide. I mean business this year!! You might've also seen the rebranding of my web pages, I have a new logo that I have been using and I am really enjoying getting my head down and getting on with things.
If you've read to the end of this you might think I sound a bit mental/overly pleased with myself/like a massive pain in the arse. But it's great seeing hours of hard work finally come together and I have been at my desk for the last 10 hours so I have decided to indulge myself :)
Let me know what you think of the new bits and bobs? I'm thinking of doing a giveaway this week too, so any pointers on what would be a good prize would be appreciated!


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  1. My you have been busy! You have every right to be pleased with yourself. The new stuff looks great. I do especially love the It's Alway Been You print. The new cards are also lovely. The rabbit in the hat and tie is so adorable. xx

  2. They look really amazing!!! Great work!!

  3. Thank you both, it's been a long few weeks! Will post some giveaway news soon :) x x

  4. Oh Stacie! You deserve to feel good about yourself after all the work you've put in. I'm in love with the 'it's always been you' print!xx