Friday, 9 September 2011

Help! A House For Hippo

Hello! This blog seems to have completely been hijacked by my four legged grey friend! Sorry for those of you who aren't cat fans - I promise you some variation soon :)

In the meantime cat lovers I am asking for your help! As you will know from reading this page little Hippo cat has no official owner and is to all intents and purposes a semi-stray.
We love to look after him and when we get in from work and whenever we are at home he is with us all the time.
I am starting to worry about what will become of him during the day while I am at work or when we aren't home now the weather is getting cold and miserable...

The answer I have decided is to buy him an outdoor cat house. Somewhere he can stay warm and dry til I am back at his beck and call each evening!
These things, unfortunately, don't come cheap... And so I ask you for some help!

I have set up a discount code HippoHome on my Etsy shop. Any orders made using this code will receive 15% discount on their order AND receive a free gift.
The money that comes through from any HippoHome orders will go toward buying Hippo his winter residence. Hopefully some of you will be able to help!

And also, don't forget my giveaway - just 'like' my facebook page and leave a comment for the chance to win some goodies.

Happy weekend to you all x

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