Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Job * New Stockist * New Feature

Sorry to have been away so long - I still have no proper internet connection in my house. Argh. It should be coming soon though so I can get back to normality. I have also been spending a huge amount of time finding a job. Luckily I have found something and as from Monday will be a full time PA/Administrator for the IT director of a very nice travel company. Though it'd be lovely to be able to stay at home illustrating all day I have bills to pay and so I shall have to be a proper worker again! Hopefully I can still get lots of drawings completed in my spare time.

Anyhow, other things have been happening too. One of these things is that I have now graduated! I had such a great time at my graduation and loved all the pomp and ceremony that comes with graduation day. Here's me in my hat:

In other news I also have a new stockist! The great website EAST END PRINTS now carries a range of my work available in various sizes and designs. I'm really pleased to be a part of this, my work is being sold alongside some really lovely images and I am happy to be selling artwork directed toward kids. Find my work on the website here.

Lastly, I have had a lovely feature on the Italian website kidsroomzoom. Here they have shown my artwork from my children's book 'Mousie's Special Book of Seasonal Eating'. There is also a very sweet section called How Old R U containing interviews with featured artists, the twist is that all questions must be answered by your five year old self. Mine is here alongside a lovely picture of a young me in some fetching spotted shorts. Take a look!

Hopefully I will have new things to post soon! xx


  1. Well done all your achievements me dear.

  2. Congratulations on graduation, your new job and your work online! I love your circus themed prints :-) Also your interview is very sweet, I also was a top bunk bed kid :-)