Friday, 17 June 2011

A few things

I seem to have a million things that I have to get done following the end of my degree, it's great finally having time to complete the many tasks I need to get finished. I am overflowing with ideas and to do lists and am pretty excited to get it all done. I wonder if everyone is feeling the same now that the structure and demands of uni have ended?

Anyhow, amongst other things one of the most important things on my list was to give my website a bit of a sort out and to make viewing my images a lot clearer and a lot of the contact information and potential stockist info a lot more readable. Hopefully I achieved it! Do let me know what you think The horse above has had a bit of a colour change to fit the new theme and colour scheme.

Other than website stuff I realised there were a couple of things I hadn't shared on here yet.
These illustrations are commissions for two lovely French ladies. The first sent me a great picture of her cat, Pucca, to illustrate. I came up with this pet portrait for her.

The other lady really liked the bunny rabbit girls gift illustration available in my shop but wanted an angel instead, to keep it quite childlike I decided a little girl angel would fit well. This was the final image for her daughter Shauna.

I still have a million and one things that need to be done but I will be sure to keep updating as I go.
Now I have time to work on some new drawings do let me know if there are any themes you think would fit well in my shop, I'll add them to my lists!

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