Thursday, 16 June 2011

Degree Show & FMP

And so it's all over!

Degree show has been and gone. After weeks of stress, a few tearful episodes and a couple of fun evenings swanning about the Truman Brewery it has all come to an end.

So, here are a few pics of my final project and my degree show stand! Please excuse the poor photo quality, I definitely need to invest in a better camera!

All of the seaside imagery I have been posting up in the last few weeks turned into this, my seaside themed final major project.

The final piece was a large 3d structure, like a giant artist book. The sea huts make up a box in which are three giant pieces of folded paper, each one slightly larger than the other - the seagull pattern fits together so at first glance it appears to make up one image.

When you unfold the pieces of paper the interior displays three seaside themes...

The first is this seaside scene depicting the chaos of the British seaside and a few little funny images thrown in for good measure! Each of these images measures approx 60cm in width so they were big undertakings!

The second image opens out to the carousel I posted before, each horse is named with a different seaside town.

The very final image is huge! It is over a metre in length and opens out into a giant puppet theatre in the style of the traditional Punch and Judy shows.
The white window has directions to cut out and so the image is fully workable.

Of course, it wouldn't be functional if there were no puppets and so as part of the set I made two modern day Punch and Judy style hand puppets to complete the show!
Painstaking as these were to make I was really pleased with them in the end - these photos are of the pair taking pride of place at my stand at the degree show.

And finally, here is the show! I was so pleased with it in the end. One of the great things about the course at Middlesex is that each of us developed our own style and had a show that was an excellent representation of our personal working methods. Alongside my FMP I had my playing cards and children's book on display as well as a whole host of work in my portfolio.

Overall the weekend was great, the show was excellent fun and it was lovely to actually spend time with my fellow students after weeks of us all working too hard to have any kind of interaction with the world.

Another positive at the end of the show was that I was completely unexpectedly awarded a certificatre and prize for 'Outstanding Studentship and Tireless Enthusiasm' by my tutors and Head of Art and Design in recognition of my efforts in supporting the year group and for fundraising.
The best part of this is that I win another year of access to the uni facilities for free which of course means a few extra possibilities for my work in the coming year!

Now I'm looking forward to making the most of what I have learned and biting the bullet in developing my illustration career :)


  1. Looking good stace, only just noticed the carousel horse's names, what a lovely seasidey touch! x

  2. Congratulations Stacie. It all looks fantastic! Much deserved :)