Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ballad Of Lola Bacon

I finally got my hands on the FABULOUS Ballad Of Lola Bacon, the pets issue of Ballad Of magazine.

This issue is sold out online and almost everywhere it is stocked but I managed to find a copy by Brick Lane; I hadn't managed to purchase the last few issues but with my work in print this was an issue I was determined to have and it was completely worth it.

A complete beauty of a magazine, the Ballad Of girls do such an amazing job. I saved reading mine for my Eurostar to Paris at 5am last week, it was a great way to start my break. Aside from a whole load of illustration the fashion stories and styling are absolutely stunning.

If you haven't got a copy GO BUY IT NOW! There should still be a few copies in stock at Selfridges and the Tate if you're lucky!!

This is my submission, so exciting to see it in print. You can never have too many sausage dogs and I don't think I will ever tire of seeing my drawings in a real life magazine!

This image is also available as an A4 print in my shop, take a look to give these little dogs a good home :)

In the issue I also illustrated some rosettes for a fashion feature, the girls needed something black and white and a bit sketchy so was exciting to see how they'd used them.

Also in the magazine is fellow illustrator and recent graduate from Middlesex Uni, Emma Block with her cute dog collage.

And the very lovely
Alice Potter, who I met at a craft fair earlier in the year, with some great patterned totem style portraits.

Really worth the money however if you can't find your own Lola Bacon definitely give the Ballad Of website a visit instead.

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