Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Packaging Re-Worked!

I had a little rethink of the packaging for my Menagerie mini prints this morning. Originally I had held them together with a simple band of card keeping them in place.
This worked pretty well but didn't seem special enough, nor did it look particularly professional.
The other issue I had, particularly from the Of Cabbages... market on Sunday, was that people couldn't see the selection of prints in each set.

So, voila! Here is the new improved packaging for my Menagerie mini prints. Each set of four is now safely inside a cello pocket. There is a sheet of paper that shows all of the prints in each set, has product details and my website address on the back and then tucks around so that there can be info on the front too.

Really happy with this new outcome, they look much nicer and of course will be kept pristine.
These prints can be bought from my shop now!


  1. Really good plan, this looks like a great set!

  2. Thanks Rebekah, trial and error all the way! :)